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Atlanta, GA 30315
Info Michael and Shirean Dryden of InsideOut Architecture have become a part of Atlanta's fast growing modern architecture scene. In recent years Atlanta has experienced a new found interest in this more modern lifestyle that is reflected in the places people choose to live, work and dine.

Graduates of Virginia Tech, Michael and Shirean took the typical path out of school finding work with successful architectural firms in Michael's home town of Atlanta. With dreams of eventually starting their own practice, in 2005, Michael was able to make a break from his company to develop a concept that Michael & Shirean had been developing since 2000 when they were looking to buy their first home. The home search was limited to unrenovated "fixer uppers" or poorly renovated older homes, new cookie cutter craftsman style homes, and small in-town lofts.

As Architects, they could see that there was an opportunity to design & build affordable homes that had the feel of many of the modern lofts going up in and around town. Most of the modern residential architecture in Atlanta at the time was very high-end, designed for clients with expensive taste and large budgets. They hoped to offer another option by designing homes using common affordable materials in new & inventive ways and by extending the inside living spaces into the outside with features such as courtyards, patios and decks allowing a modest size home to have the feel of a much larger home.

A few years later their first house, insideOUThouse - a compact 1200 square foot home, was finished and sold for $275,000, with Michael acting as the General Contractor. In order to save were they could, Michael and Shirean worked many weekends completing projects such as custom polycarbonate door hardware, steel rebar deck & stair railings and a kitchen island & tub with concrete surfaces. Through this process they were able to "sharpen their pencils" and learn ways to cut costs, save time with more efficient practices and design something that was simple and easy to build.

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